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Dealmash logo and website design

Dealmash logo

DealMash logo design

DealMash approached me as a start up venture to create a new “Groupon” style website featuring discounted Daily Deals.

I felt something quirky and friendly would set them apart from the more faceless Groupon and Living Social approach. So I created a cute caterpillar taking a bite out of a juicy pear, symbolic of the ‘juicy deals’. I expanded on this by creating a set of other insects to be used with other graphic elements.

DealMash website

The website had to work hard to excite and entice visitors to register and purchase a DealMash. The ‘insect’ theme was fully expanded using other character such as a bee and a ladybird etc along with a ‘garden’ setting with grass and wooden signposts.

Homepage concept

The homepage features lots of fun things going on to engage visitors. The first thing they see is the latest daily deal with strong call to action. Clear navigation and funky wooden post signage continues the ‘insect’ theme.

How it Works page

This page features a prominent illustration of our friendly insects who help to explain how the DealMash system works, and introduces the customer reward scheme called “MashCash” – a name I came up with!

Account pages

Here is created three simple and clear tabs for users to manage their account and purchases as well as review their MashCash earnings.

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